Nature Bugs

In class, we have been learning about minibeasts. Minibeasts have no backbone. We went on a nature walk and created minibeasts with things we could find in the sensory garden.

This craft is fun for kids because they get to go on a nature “treasure hunt” to find some beautiful little bits of life. They can use the things they find to create bugs and creatures using their imaginations.

Moonlit Sanctuary

2M went to the Moonlit Sanctuary with the other grade two classes. Although it did rain, we had such a great time!

In class we have been working hard learning our ‘In my backyard’ inquiry unit. This includes plants, minibeasts and all other things that we find in our backyards.

We completed 5 rotations at Moonlit Sanctuary.

  1. Discovery Centre
  2. Wallaby walk
  3. Carnivore Corner
  4. Scales and slithers
  5. Feathers and Fur

It was fantastic to get so close to some of the animals and we even got to fed the wallabies!! What a great day we had!

Hands-On Science

Bubbles here, bubbles there, bubbles everywhere!!

Today we had our Hands-On science incursion. Our topic was Bubble Chemistry. We learnt all about bubbles.

First, we tested different materials and equipment to decide if bubbles could be made.

Then, we tried to make bubbles with all the different things. Most of the equipment that we made bubbles from was made out recyclable items like plastic bottles.

It was so fun trying them all out and trying to make the biggest bubble that we could.

We even made bubbles with straws and our own hands.

We learnt so much and had a fantastic time experimenting with bubbles!!

Book Week

What a Literature Festival it has been!

We have listened to 3 authors and illustrators, read and voted on our favourite short-listed books and dressed up as our favourite character on Book Week Dress up Day.

We loved dressing up as our favourite characters and talking about our favourite books!

Polly Woodside Excursion

What a fantastic day!

On Wednesday 1st May, 2M went on an excursion with 2AL to Polly Woodside.

We have been learning about transport and how it has changed overtime.

Polly Woodside is an old ship that used to transport cargo. On the excursion, we got to see what life was like as a crew member on the ship. The conditions were very tough.

We learnt how hard it was to steer the ship using the steering wheel as it was very heavy and was at the back of the ship so to steer the ship you had to listen to instructions.

There was a lot of maintenance  to do on the ship. Sweeping the decks needed to be done regularly and was a very hard job. It was exhausting! Especially with other crew members yelling!

We saw how the crew slept and learnt that it is best to get a top bunk so you do not get wet from the waves when you are sleeping.

We have such a good understanding of ships and what life was like working on a ship after the excursion. It was great fun!

STEM Floating Boats

Our class was very excited today as we have started our STEM rotations for the On the Move inquiry unit. Over the next 5 weeks, we will be rotating around to all the grade 2 teachers and doing a STEM activity.

Today we made floating boats. Our boat had to float in water and be able to carry at least one marble.

The only materials we had to make our boat was a piece of aluminium foil and some masking tape.

We had to design our boat, deciding how to best use the foil and what shape and size our boat was going to be. It was very tricky. In the end we had so many different boats!

It was a lot of trial and error to make the most successful boat.

We had lots of fun today!

Wilson Botanic Park

On Thursday 21st February, 2M went with 2K to Wilson Botanic Park. In the classroom, we have been learning about ‘My Place’ and focusing on our Berwick community,

We walked around the park and visited the Hoo Hoo Tower, which was very exciting. After, we went to the playground and walked around Anniversary Lake.

There was alot of walking, but it was great to see one of the special places in Berwick.

Thank you to all the families who met us there and had lunch with us.

From 2M

Welcome to 2M

Welcome to the blog of 2M! We have started 2019 very positive and we are very excited with what grade 2 will bring and all the many things we will learn!

Please check the blog regularly to stay up to date with what is happening in 2M.

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